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Why Go Plant Based?

Going plant based isn't always about saving animals. Though, that is certainly an amazing part of the plant based lifestyle. The reason I went plant based initially had nothing to do with the wellbeing of other animals, it had solely to do with the wellbeing of myself. This isn't to say that I don't love animals and their wellbeing, but growing up as a meat-eater in the Midwest, eating animals was our way of life. So, finding excuses to make myself feel better about it was crucial for continuing my habits the way that they were.

My entire life has been a journey of exploration into what the healthiest diet is for longevity. You could say this is the modern day hunt for the fountain of youth. After countless years of research, and being taken down several different pathways, I've discovered the Philosopher's Stone is a tangible thing that isn't some fantasy. I've even started to learn how to make it, finding it to be an ancient art of alchemy intertwined with history, deciphering codes and exploring old texts. The more that has been uncovered before me the more that my diet has been fine tuned. It always boils back down to returning to nature and natural processes.

Our body is similar to a battery built to filter energy and minerals out of whatever we put into it. These minerals are in everything and are essential to the function of every living thing. The way our body has access to these minerals is from our food and water. Many of our foods even what you would normally think are healthy (ie: packaged almond milk) are packed full of man-made vitamins. We shouldn't need to put manmade vitamins into our foods. When it is so easy to absorb these vitamins using whole foods that are closest to their natural form! We can get everything we need from food itself! 

This is where juicing raw fruits and vegetables can make a huge difference in your health. The juice from plants contains within it many of the vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function. By removing the fiber content the minerals are absorbed instantly and able to go to various parts of the body to help it heal. Raw fruits and vegetable juices are one of the simplest ways in the world to start healing cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. You have the power to choose plant based!

All of Eternal Zen's supplements contain real plants. It is our goal to offer dried herbs, barks, roots, and seeds that are closest to their natural state. You will not find any man made or chemically created supplements here. We are excited about how powerful plants are in healing our body and look forward to sharing with all of you that are listening.

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